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The team of Curators

    The full curatorial team for MANIFESTA I comprises a Chief Curator from Hungary and four Associated Curators from other parts of Europe. This team has been given full artistic responsibility for the content of a series of open house meetings in 1995 and the first exhibition in Rotterdam - MANIFESTA I - and its accompanying catalogue, at the beginning of 1996.

Katalyn Neray

    Chief Curator Director of the Ludwig Museum in Budapest, was appointed Chief Curator of MANIFESTA I by the Advisory Board and there presentatives of the European countries at the inaugural planning meeting for this event at The Hague, in January 1994.
    Ms Neray has been the Director of the Kunsthalle Mcsarnok in Budapest for ten years and earned the profound respect of colleagues in Central, Eastern and Western Europe for her continual support of young artists and new tendencies.

The four Associated Curators:

    The biographical details of the four additional young Curators appointed by the Advisory Board of Manifesta are given below.
    These four curators were selected from a total of twenty. Eighteen of whom responded to the initial invitation to submit proposals, on a competitive basis:

Rosa Martinez

Born (1955) and living in Barcelona. Rosa Martinez was educated in the History of Art at the University of Barcelona. For ten years she has been responsible for the 'Art and History' activities of "La Caixa", the organisation of workshops, exhibitions and a variety of productions involving video and audio-visual media. She was the organiser of the 100 Walls- 100 Days art project between Paris, Barcelona andToulouse. From 1988 to 1992, she was chief curator of the Bienal de Barcelona, a competitive event for young emergent artists. During the same period she also co-ordinated the Spanish submissions for the Mediterranean Biennial.
Rosa Martinez is currently working as an independent curator, arts consultant and critic in Spain and other European countries.

Viktor Misiano

Born (1957) and living in Moscow, Viktor Misiano acquired a Ph.Din the Theory of Art. For ten year he was a curator in The Pushkin State Museum, and for the past two years he has been the director of the ContemporaryArt Center (CAC) in Moscow.
He currently works as an art critic for national and internationalart magazines, including Moscow Art Magazine and Flash Art. He has been responsible for curating exhibitions of Russiancontemporary art in alternative spaces, galleries and museums inVienna, New York, Rome, Helsinki and elsewhere. He has published many articles on the subject of contemporary Russian art, photography and art theory.

Andrew Renton

Born (1963) and living in the UK, Andrew Renton acquired a Ph.D. at the University of Reading, after which he embarked on a career in live arts and the theatre. Since 1988, Renton has been a regular contributor to national and international art publications, such as Frieze and Flash Art. He has participated in numerous television programmes on the visual arts, for the BBC, and a number of independent and satellite channels. He currently works as an independent curator in Britain and Europe. He curated the exhibitions Confrontaciones 1991 (Madrid) and Walter Benjamin's Briefcase (Portugal) 1993.

Hans Ulrich Obrist

Born (1968) in Zurich, Switzerland, Obrist currently divides his time between France, Switzerland and Austria. After an initial training in economics and politics, he switched to contemporary art and has organised a variety of exhibitions insuch unlikely venues as his own house, a monastery library, anaeroplane and an hotel.
Most recently, he has curate exhibitions such as Oui,quoi,oŚ..(Musèe d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris), and Der zerbrochene Spiegel (Kunsthalle, Wien and Deichtor-Hallen,Hamburg) in conjunction with Kaspar König.
Current projects include Cloaca Maxima in Zürich and Take me, I am yours
in the Serpentine Gallery in London.

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