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  • Triple X festival
    Triple X is an international multimedia festival that gathers and presents theater, music, dance, visual arts, electronic art, new media, discussions and other topical artistic disciplines.
    LAVA is the result of a dedicated group of people who are basically interested in Architecture, Art and New Media. The produced WEB-pages reflect some of the work that has been done in the last three years.
  • Kyas Art Planet
    Kyas Art Planet is the new web for visual contemporary art on Internet. It is based in Amsterdam and Osaka. The features of KYAS ART PLANET are On-line art gallery, Art column, Artist of the month and Web master Bambi. KYAS ART PLANET is an initiative of Kaoru Yamamoto Art Studio.
  • Art on the Net
    This is a virtual space where artists join together in sharing their art with others on the Internet. This site offers artists a place where they can have studios and gallery rooms that can be accessed via the WWW. This is a place where artists can come to learn how to get themselves and their art up on the Internet. It is also a meeting place where people can come to find out about art happenings on the net.
  • KammerWeb
    KammerWeb is a project for an on-line journal dedicated to contemporary arts and aesthetics. Their goal is to contact, diffuse, translate and collect the articles and contributions of theorists, critics and artists who have distinguished themselves by exhibiting works which are linked to the problematic nature of art as we reach the end of both century and millennium.
  • V2 Organization
    Institute for the unstable media
  • per se
    On May 21st and 22nd, in Teatro Miela, Trieste, Italy, a gentle conversation was being organized by Ljubljana Digital Media Lab with the title " per se". The direct context is the festival "Teatro Telematico" that is dedicated to the crossroads between art and technology in the era of digital communications, with the special emphasis on the east-west problematics.
  • Lokaal 01 & DIGIT
    Lokaal 01 realises and presents new works of art under conditions proposed by artists themselves, whereby in principle no artistic medium is excluded. At the 01 premises in Breda and Antwerp, projects are executed and presented to the public on a regular basis about once every eight weeks. For DIGIT, there is a specific Internet site. In DIGIT, worldwide network presentations (Internetsite specific) are made, with more or less the same objectives as presentations in the actual galleries - to encourage new work from artists!
  • ArtSite ®
    Diverse Homepages van Galeries, Een interactieve kunstagenda! Nieuws / Shop / Kunstmagazine
  • C A G E
    Cyber Art Gallery Eindhoven -In this Virtual Gallery you'll find contemporary artworks of young artists. Featuring Rolf van Gelder. Also home of the extensive Cool Art Links list.
  • Soros Foundation
    Open Society Institute (OSI) functions as an intellectual center that encourages debate and disseminates information on a range of issues insufficiently explored in the public realm. The concept of open society is based on the recognition that people act on imperfect knowledge and nobody is in possession of the ultimate truth.
  • Take me, I´m yours
    - Exhibition by Manifesta curator Hans Ulrich Obrist. As well as transposing the exhibition, curated by Hans-Ulrich Obrist, from the gallery into Cyberspace, Absolut Access contains additional exhibits not available in the gallery, and specially selected for the Internet by the Serpentine gallery, the artists and the curator.
  • Why not sneeze?
    is a site for critical art on and about the internet, a combination of a magazine and a laboratory for experiments and a platform for everyone professionally involved with art and media.
  • icono & cie
    icono & cie informe des expositions, publications, évènements de différents lieux actifs en matière d'art contemporain.
  • the United States of DADALAND!
    DADARA in DaDaLand
  • Fluxus Online
    The Fluxus Show with a.o. Nam June Paik in the 90's: the Electronic Superhighway and Shigeko Kubota: "FluXus SoHo Tour"
  • HypArt -
    'HypArt' stands for Hyper-Art and is the artistical equivalent to 'HyperText'. The idea is to create a single picture together with people from all around the world. HypArt features differently themed blank digital canvases, each divided into a series of squares. Artists the world over add their own artistic contribution to one of the subdivided areas. The result is a surprisingly cohesive single image, rather than a mosaic of discrete parts. Anyone is welcome to contribute to the growing number of collaborative digital paintings.
    Artist: Jodi with: /100CC & /betalab.

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