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    Not only the Manifesta venues are dedicated to the biennal. Other institutions and artists' initiatives in the city are also contributing to Manifesta by organizing exhibitions and activities that are in line with the central theme of Manifesta.
    All of the exhibitions listed below are to be visited during the entire period of Manifesta 1, unless specificated differently.


  • Peter Schmitz: Light, Mass, Energy, Meaning
    Every Friday night in July, from 22:00-24:00
    Location: facade of the Pathé Mega Cinema, Schouwburgplein

  • Antoni Hopman: Paintings and drawings
    9 June-19 August
    Opening hours: 09:00-22:00
    Location: De Scheg, Ambachtsplein 141

  • `Here I am, where are you, You are here, where am I`
      S2F ROTTERDAM EXHIBITION: Students from the `second phase` Rotterdam: Anneke de Boer, Saminta Ekeland, G. Hurst, Roel Meelkop, Jeroen Bodewits, Phillippine Hoegan, Jolanda Linssen and Shinichi Yanai
    Opening hours: 11:00-17:00 till 16/6
    Location: Witte de Withstraat 7c

  • Rotterdam-Vladivostok:
      Geertrui van de Craats, Eddie D., D.E.M. Productions, Vere Harmsen, Loodwicks Press Images, G. Tomasi & A.K. Ten bosch, R. Verf & F. Bontje, O. Mooij, Oksana Malevanik, K. Kandyba & S. Aksenov, A. Gorodni & I. Zinatulin, A. Kutnko & E. Makeev, A. Kotlyarov & A. Marchenk, A. Kamalov & V. Nenazhivin, and A. Kiriakho & V. Doubinsky
      A cooperative project between 11 Dutch and 13 Russian artists, combining different mediums and expressive forms. The exchange of ideas on culture is an important part of the project.
    1. Vladivostok 1-31 July
    Location: railway line Vladivostok-Oegolnaja (Russia)
    2. Rotterdam 24 August-30 September
    Location: railway line Hoek van Holland-Rotterdam

  • Ron Blom
    'EAT ME'
    Location: Lokaal Ron Blom, van der Hillstraat 32
    Opening hours: fri & sun 09:00 - 21:00
    Diner at Ron's place:
    Reservation: +31-(0)10 - 4760837
    Opening hours: from 21/6 till 29/7 and from 11/8 till 18/8


  • MK Exhibition Space
      Four European Artists: Helen Chadwick (Great Britian), Charly van Rest (Holland), Werner Reiterer (Austria) and Roman Ondák (Slovakia)
    Opening hours: Wednesday-Sunday, 13:00-18:00
    Location: Witte de Withstraat 53

  • Gallery Delta Rotterdam
    1. Burgert Konijnendijk:
      Paintings and EXPO HENK (installations), in cooperation with KUNSTHAL ROTTERDAM
    8-29 June
    2. John van 't Slot: Paintings
    6-27 July
    Opening hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 11:00-17:00
    Location: Oude Binnenweg 113

  • Gallery Io
    NO LIMIT - International Artists' Initiative
      Persheng Warzandegan (Iran), Taib El Ghazi (Marocco), Far Wevers (Holland), Dia Dijkstra (Holland), Habib Gouriye (Syria) and Pieter Appel (Holland) The Artists' Initiative NO LIMIT counts 7 members, from Iran, Marocco, Syria and Holland. The artists know each other from the AKI Enschede, class of 1992
    5 May-27 June
    Opening hours: Thursday-Sunday, 13:00-17:00
    Location: Heemraadsingel 244

  • Gallery House of Asia
    1. Zhou Jun: Landscapes abstracted in ink
      An exhibition of modern Chinese black and white paintings by this artist, who lives in Holland
    2. Masks: Mirrors of culture
      Several artists have been invited to express their perceptions and interpretations of the mask, among others: Jenna Tas, Helene Verwey, Yvon Koopman, Gino Sauerbier, Alma Brevé, Marianne Puntman, Yoeki Simak, Just Schafgans, Maroelle van Bemmel, Astrid Tanis, Isabelle Smeets, Tine Hoogenboezem, Margaritta Garres, Adrianus van Otterloo, Allette Nijland, Jissy Keuenhof and Rob Logister.
    Circa 80% of these artists are from Rotterdam.

  • Alliance Française
    Daniel Buren:
      Les cartons d'invitation de ses expositions personnelles: des artistes à travers l'Archive (a part of his installation `The Wall` at the Museum Boijmans van Beuningen in June)
      Opening hours: Monday-Thursday, 09:00-18:00; Friday, 09:00-15:00; Saturday-Sunday, 13:00-17:00
    Location: Westersingel 14

  • Gallery Fotomania
    Stan Denniston (Canada): Photographs
    Work from two different series, `Critical Fictions` and `Personal Fictions`
    Opening hours: Wednesday-Sunday, 12:00-17:00
    Location: Hoornbrekerstraat 22

  • Gallery de Brieder 2 - Center
    Peter Bastianssen: ART IS A DOG
    Frank Thonus: Portrait of a dog in seven paintings
    9 June-18 July
      Opening hours: Saturday-Sunday, 13:00-18:00 (the exhibition may be seen from the street day and night)
    Location: Boomgaardsstraat 84 (off Witte de Withstraat)
      Gallery de Brieder will cooperate in the Boomgaardsstraat with Studio Norman James

  • Gallery Ecce
    Fides Becker (Germany): Summer Mysterie (new work)
    A series with deckchair pictures
    9 June-18 July
    Opening hours: Tuesday-Saturday 12:30-18:30 (and upon request)
    Location: Witte de Withstraat 17a

  • Cokkie Snoel
      An invitational exhibition by Erik van Lieshout, including a.o David Bade, Alexandra Icaze, Jeroen Jacobs, Avery Pressman, Jan Rothuizen, and Jacques Segbars. Work by Erik van Lieshout will be shown as well.
    2 June-7 July

  • Brutto Gusto
    Klaus Stephan (Austria): Kein Wasser im Eimer (installation)
    8 June-18 August
    Opening hours: Tuesday-Friday, 11:00-18:00; Saturday, 11:00-15:00
    Location: Nieuwe Binnenweg 162b

  • Goethe Institute-Rotterdam
    1. Iskender Gider: The storks are back again
    Location: various locations throughout Rotterdam
    2. 365 Grundsteinkiste
    9 June-12 July
      3. Ralph W. Kämena: Frankfurt am Main - spacial reportages, suburban areas
    20 July-18 August
    Opening hours: Monday-Thursday, 10:00-19:00; Friday, 10:00-17:00
    Location: 's Gravendijkwal 50-52


  • Laurenskerk
      The Artists' Intitiative Casco presents art in the Laurenskerk. In cooperation with the Foundation De Laurens -- a Rotterdam city forum for society and culture -- the space's acoustics will be made part of the project with musical programmes and lectures.
    Opening hours: Monday-Saturday, 10:00-16:00
    Location: Laurenskerk, Grotekerkplein 15

  • De Vaalserberg
    NOMADIA, or The Movement of De Vaalserberg
    A presentation of written or imagined thoughts `moved` by mail
    Opening hours: Saturday-Sunday, 13:00-17:00 (and upon request)
    Location: Witte de Withstraat 41/1

  • Oranjerie
    Interior PICT RESOURCE
    An action by Lauran Schijvens
    9 June-7 July
    Opening hours: Thursday-Sunday, 14:00-18:00
    Location: Oostkousdijk 12a

  • Project Colorado
    Installations and presentations
      The works will be accesible to visitors along routes connecting different studios in Rotterdam on certain days.
      `Timetables` and maps will be available

  • De Kade
    Local Positions
      In a series of 11 exhibitions (February 1995-April 1997), De Kade will give an overview of artworks and special projects by various artists' initiatives in Rotterdam. In addition to the exhibitions, there will be forum discussions, lectures and publications, discussing the interaction between artists, art and cultural context.
    Location: Wijnhaven 8 (between the Boompjes and the Blaak)

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